Friday, March 6, 2009


So about a week ago we drove down to Anaheim California with my parents for a magical get away! It was great to get away for a while and enjoy some sunshine and greenery!

Hunter thought he would help drive for a little bit...
What a goof ball!
The guys were all sporting blue stripes, not planned.
We went to Rose Hills to visit Dario's Mom's memorial.
Hunter's Great Grandpa Gomez, he'll be turning 100 this fall!
Hunter's Great Grandma and Grandpa Valencia.
Yes, this was Hunter Boy's first time!

Hunter LOVED Tigger!

If you look closely, you can see Hunter's tooth!

Dario, Me, and my Dad on the Tower of Terror! We rode this one 3 times!

Hunter's first horse ride...

Hunter's new best friend! He lights up every time he see's him!

Getting in line for Pirates of the Carribean! This was Hunter's first ride!

We sure had a great time! Cant wait to go back!