Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Once again its the end of the month and I find myself needing to update our blog! So before the final hours of the month slip away I best post something! Life for our family is going great! Dario's job is going good, I'm keeping busy at home, and Hunter is always finding something to get into, or onto! The only thing that is not necessarily great is that Hunter is growing up way to fast. Some things that he has been up to lately are climbing, running, coloring, saying Bbye, waving, blowing kisses, kissing mom, turning on the radio, eating pretzels, folding his arms for prayers, dancing, and eating all the raspberries he can get his hands on! Here are a few pictures of life in the month of September!

An afternoon at the park...

Eating at the table like a big boy!
Just playing outside...

Pickin raspberries!

Hunter's first corndog!
Like always, I am posting this blog with the intentions of updating again soon... We'll see what really happens!