Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our little 2 year old

Yep, that's right! Hunter Boy is now 2 years old! We celebrated the day with Mickey Mouse pancakes, going to the zoo, and a Birthday party! What a day! Some things that Hunter is up to these days include: playing baseball, swimming, playing with "puppy", doing things himself, sleeping in a big boy bed, and potty training! He LOVE's garbage trucks and calls them Manny, not sure where that came from but that's what he calls them. He also loves about every other big truck. He is becoming such a little boy and is Mr. Independent. He is getting so animated with his facial expressions and some of the things he comes up with to say and do. He certainly keeps us entertained! Also, Hunter is getting ready to share his room with a baby sister... not until November, but he's getting ready! We sure do love our little Hunter Boy!