Monday, August 31, 2009


This past week we went camping up at Yellowstone with the Foote family! This was our first visit to Yellowstone, also Hunter Boy's first time camping, and he did great! He loved playing in the dirt, seeing all the animals, and watching the fire! The weather really was just right, and the scenery was beautiful! Here are some (a lot) of pictures, in no particular order. Enjoy!

Hunter with Kason and Rylie. While Hunter was on Kason's lap, Kason kept saying " too big, too big!" It was pretty funny!

I am pretty sure that this guy was fighting the urge to charge us! We were just minding our business when he comes right up on our path! I was scared...

The water in this hot pot was so clear, it was gorgeous... also a little eerie because it was so deep you couldn't see the bottom...

Old Faithful!

Quite spectacular!

This was our tour guide... I know, nice view!

Hunter and his Momma!

In the early morning.

Hunter and his Dad... and some buffalo!

The kids, grandkids, and grandpuppy!

Us with Grandma and Grandpa.... at the top of a very large waterfall!

Hunter and Dad checking out the very large waterfall.

My boys!

Some more buffalo!

Just chillin!

We couldn't keep him off the bikes... thanks Kason and Rylie!

Thanks for coming!

Thanks to my family for making this a fun filled trip! Love you guys!